We are living in uncertain times.  It is hard to know what to do in the face of peak oil, economic collapse, and the food shortages that will inevitably result. It is important to take proactive measures.  Step One: is to prepare to garden.  Step Two: is to gather what you need to garden.  Step 3: is to plant your garden.  Step 4: is tending your garden.  Step 5: is harvesting your garden.  When you harvest your garden hopefully you will save some seeds for next year (Step Two again!) It is important to not use genetically modified seeds in this process (they are designed to not reproduce).  It is difficult but necessary in these times to procure seeds that will reproduce.  Since the oil companies presently own most of the seed companies, it is increasingly more difficult to find heirloom seeds that can be used the following year.. The simple reason that the oil companies own the seed companies is that the oil companies want to be in charge of the food.  They make the fertilizers that are necessary for successful farming as well as fuel the tractors necessary for tilling the land.  It may be the most important political decision you ever make to reject genetically modified seeds and to take control of what you grow and eat.     
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